Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mrs Gumley Mason is resigning

A letter has gone out to all parents at St. Augustine's. After spending some time talking about GCSE and A-level results, Mrs. Gumley Mason has announced that she is resigning, effective the end of this year.
As many of you will know, I was a pupil here for 13 years. I have supplemented those 13 years by a further 17 years' education as Headmistress. I have watched the School I love grow. I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. However, I have to go at some point, and I can think of no better time to do that than at the end of this Centenary Year. I would like to thank all those members of staff teaching and nonteaching, who are the engine of the School's success, and all the girls, who make it unique and new and vibrant every year.
More news as I learn of the details.