Thursday, 25 June 2009

CiF Believers meeting in Edinburgh?

I'm going to be in Edinburgh playing in concerts in the Fringe on 12-14 August, playing as part of St Clements Wind Ensemble.

Wed 12th and Thur 13th August at St Marks, St Marks Terrace, 7.30pm.
Fri 14th August at Canongate Kirk, 5pm.

I'll be there a day or two before for rehearsals. I'd be very happy to meet with any CiF Belief regulars who live in that part of the world or who will be visiting for the Festival. (Do please come along to one of the concerts as well!)

If somebody local can recommend a good place to meet (not too loud, so we can talk without having to shout) and have a drink and possibly a meal as well, perhaps on the evening of Tues 11th August then do please let me know. I'll put up more details when I know them.


  1. CaressOfSteel pointed me to Andrew Brown's latest churlishness on CiF, its hardly his first offence and puts me in august company with Richard Dawkins (pbohn) who he has never forgiven for putting him right. He has over the years demonstrated exactly why Dawkins is a succesful author, intellectual Oxford don and cultural icon while Brown is a non-entity.

    I think your SuperNanny style discipline of ignoring the unruly child is the best approach. Brown clearly fears, correctly, that if I come along then he will not be the centre of attention as there will be someone more intelligent and interesting present. Since most people on CIF are clearly more interesting and intelligent than Mr Brown he deludes himself if he imagines that barring me will make much difference.

    The Guardian seems to want CiF to be a thought-provoking blog, sadly Andrew has demonstrated a chronic problem with the 'thought' part so plays to his strengths in merely being 'provoking' instead. A short spell of being ignored by the adults whose attention he craves might well help Brown in the long term.

  2. Hi JW

    Beor here. I have to say things are very quiet over on CiF since you stormed out. The General, freewoolly and me have been sneaking around to see what is going on - answer - not much.

    I was rather disappointed with AB's barb at WML - it was rather petulant to say the least.

    Having said that, the whole idea of a get-together was savvymum's, not AB's. He just latched onto it. As far as I am concerned, it remains savvymum's gig and if I can I will go - despite being sat in a very wet Colombo, I've some leave coming up.

    I hope all this blows over - I really enjoy CiF belief. Not so much for AB but for the subject matter and for the banter. I can be serious if I put my mind to it - but also get the irrepressible urge to be silly sometimes and if freewoolly and the General are around things sometimes get out of hand.

  3. WML where are you these days. Have you been allowed back on CIF.

    I can never forgive the "bastards" for banning you" or hankscorpio.

    I am willing to forgive afte all thie time Dave Needham letting in Andy Gray who scored the only goal for wolves in the league cup final against Notss forest in 1980/81 but not this!