Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Comments sent to Peter Turner

I've put together a set of comments on the St. Benedict's Child Protection Policy and sent it to Peter Turner for him to look at.
to Peter Turner
cc Archbishop Vincent Nichols
date 1 July 2010
subject Re: Ealing Abbey

Dear Mr Turner

Please find attached an analysis of the Child Protection Policy for St. Benedict's School. In the number of caveats it contains, and the number of ways it provides excuses for doing nothing, in my opinion it is a paedophile's charter, and is completely unfit for purpose.

I request that you review my analysis at the earliest opportunity, and let me know as soon as possible whether you agree that improvements to the child protection policy are needed.

If you agree that improvements are necessary, I request that you urgently address the matter with the Abbot, and ensure that improvements are made prior to the start of the Autumn Term.

Jonathan West
His response was most interesting.
from Peter Turner
to Jonathan West
date 2 July 2010
subject RE: Ealing Abbey

I acknowledge receipt of your e mail and will reply once I have had an opportunity to review both documents.

This may take me a while, as I am very busy with other work at the moment, but will get back to you asap.

Peter W Turner
Goodness! I wonder how many other fires he's fighting if Ealing Abbey has to take its place in the queue?

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