Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mrs Gumley Mason's latest move


  1. The dear leader is extremely annoyed at the existence of this bogsite. It is the only source of constructive criticism that is permitted 'lift' because it is outside her asphyxiating control. So what does any dictator do in the face of valid and sustained criticism? Attempts to shut down the source by misusing the tools of the state.

    It's pure intimidation and very foolish.

  2. The default setting is to bully - she even tried it with the ISI by taking it to the High Court!


    She did not agree with the 'nasty' things expressed in its report.

    Despite her education she seems not to have understood the concept or importance of free speech.

  3. We live in a democracy and sometimes you wont like what you hear, it is important that you learn from what you read rather than suppressing the truth.

  4. We now see Mrs Gumley Mason in her true colours.

  5. Has she also taken action against the staff, the pupils and the parents?
    Its a pity she did not use the legal routes when it came to reporting the teachers and Father Gregory.
    Obviously she knows the legal system and has taken legal advice, probably yet again at the school's expense, so what's her latest excuse for not following the proper route when the problems first arose.

  6. As parents we now need to know how much has been spent on Legal Bills to suppress the truth.
    The money could have been spent on something that would benefit the school rather than an individual.

  7. Mrs Gumley-Mason has every right to defend herself against the vicious and vindictive things that have been written about her on this blog. There is no doubt things have been said that would be defined as libellous had they been printed in the press. Sadly the internet is largely unregulated, leaving the anonymous bloggers of this world to say what they like about people, potentially tarnishing their good names and reputations.

  8. Mrs Gumley Mason, the ISI said all sorts of nasty things about your school in their report. They went on to publish the report on their website for all the world to see. The reputation of St Augustine's lies in tatters.

    Why don't you ask the police to deliver a "Prevention of Harassment Letter" to the ISI?

    Maybe they would remove the offending report from the website, on the other hand they might just laugh at you.

  9. 15.53 Claims -

    There is no doubt things have been said that would be defined as libellous had they been printed in the press.

    Complete tosh.

    All have failed before so in light of the certainty please link us to one single libellous claim he hasd made in any of his postings.

    All of us who read this blog, and know what has been written, know we will not hear from you again on this subject.

  10. Very childish action, this wont resolve things the truth needs too be told, if this had happened in the first place the comments wouldn't have been made. We have been lied to time and time again, everything regarding the school needs to become transparent.

  11. 15.53 is not Mrs Gumley-Mason, just a citizen who does not support personal vendettas or vigilante action by bloggers or anyone else. 17.11 have you read the whole ISI report? Try reading it to get a more balanced view of what they said about the school. The majority of comments about the school are very positive, or in the ISI's terms, 'excellent', 'very good' or 'good'.

    The 'all sorts of nasty things' that you mention are here on this blog.

  12. @ 17:52, the ISI's report says,

    "The quality of governance, leadership and management, whilst good in some
    aspects, notably in supporting high attainment and excellent personal development,
    is unsatisfactory overall because it has not ensured that safeguarding procedures
    and practice meet the required standard."

    The school has been found to be unsatisfactory in respect of the safeguarding of pupils - it's most important responsibility.

  13. ..and they have addressed it.

  14. 18.36
    Well that's positive. How about addressing all the other concerns posted on the blog, why are they being ignored? They are just as important.

  15. 18.36 - Where and how?

  16. Well I read about multiple safeguarding shortcomings in the ISI report - not the single matter you refer to as 'it' in your posting.

    Please explain.

  17. Mr West, I suppose the simplest way to deal with this is to send a copy of each blog post and comment to the Borough Commander at Ealing Police Station and ask him to confirm that it is not an act of harassment.

    As for this blog being "unwanted contact" yes it's as unwanted as a Private Eye article or sunlight to those who want to keep their management of these schools a matter that is never discussed openly.

    BTW do the Police in Ealing not have anything better to do with their time than pay visits to folk like Mr West?

    As I do not know Mrs Mason I cannot comment on her character but I wonder why she did not send a letter to Mr West or even ask a Solicitor to send a letter before she made a serious allegation such as harassment against Mr West.

    Is she giving the girls at her school a good example by this approach? Perhaps she needs Fr Chill-Man to give her some spiritual direction about the virtues of humility and self-abnegation or does she no longer believe in those parts of the Gospel.

    What a strange thing to do in Passion Week of all weeks.

  18. So no answers from 15.53.

    Full of piss and wind but unfortunately no evidence to support his/her claims.

    The trait is quite common on this site among the few St Augustine's supporters who post here. Some members of the school administration also suffer the same shortcoming.

    It's what prompted the ISI to rumble the many safeguarding failures at the school.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but ........................

  19. I find this incredulous! Mrs GM has the audacity to waste police time when really she should have been honest herself and answered straight forward questions. These are desperate measures conducted by a very desperate individual who is now harassing Mr West. How low can she go!

  20. What a GREAT disappointment your actions are to us, I am not usually lost for words but in this instance I am horrified that a Head Teacher can behave in such an undignified and immature manner.

  21. Maybe 15:53's daughter is no longer at the school, so she doesn't feel the same way as the full fee paying parents do! Mr West has done a marvelous job in bring to our attention the gross mismanagement that has gone on at St. Augustine's. We are unique - each one of us.We just have to realise it and see it in others,so Open your eyes to what Mr West and the rest of us have been upset about. One would need to live on another galaxy if they were unaware of the nepotism and bullying that goes on at the school. Our children must be protected so we need enhanced CRB disclosure on all personnel who come into contact with our children at the school. Child protection is paramount - why can you not see that? Maybe you feel your job at the school is more important than our children - how sad for you.

  22. 15.53
    Mrs Gumley Mason tarnished her good name and reputation when she decided to deceive staff, parents and pupils. She has no one else to blame but her self.

  23. AMDG

    RE: The HeadMistress of St Augustines - a Graduate of Cambridge Poly of the Fens.

    I am increasingly concerned by this misuse of Police Time and resourses by Mrs Gumley-Mason (hereinafter "GM"). If GM has a problem she needs to seek a solution; either meet the author of this blog (and that would be the Christ-like response) or go to the School Solicitor and start legal action in the County Court of the QBD. Why is GM, a Catholic of some intelligence I understand, wasting Police time.

    I notice that this lady went to Cambridge, as a Greatsman I am always profoundly impressed by the products of the Fens, they are such sparkling men and women who improve the lives of all they meet, I recently worked for one but he was also sadly an exception to the rule and the ET is about to discover - Nick Clegg is clearly the exception that proves the rule. Norman Stone is a wonderful Graduate of Cambridge but sadly he left for Oxford and then left Oxford for Ankara; oh that Cambridge could be enriched once more but his wit.

    GM needs to speak with her confessor. She is giving a poor example to her pupils. GM! Read the Rule of St Augustine or if you prefer that of St Benedict; I suggest you start with the passages on leadership and how to avoid being a bully.

    No Catholic Headteacher should be behaving in this manner; grow up, Mrs Gumley and don't be so petulant!

    In caritate Xp.,

    Bryan Dunne
    OP 1990
    ex-Hertford College (1990-1994)

    e-mail: itemissa@hotmail.com