Saturday, 18 June 2011

Recommendation 3

The next recommendation I provided to Lord Carlile concerned the fact that the Trust of St. Benedict's runs the monastery, the Abbey and the parish in addition to St. Benedict's School. Since all are under the same management, there is a need for the culture of all of them to be chganged to that safety of children is a top priority. So they need the external help just as much as the school.
External consultants shall be engaged to review the child protection policies and procedures of the Abbey and parish. The consultants shall ensure that the child protection policies are made a model of excellence, and that they are consistently and safely applied. The consultants shall produce reports twice a year for two years describing progress and outstanding actions. These reports shall be published in their entirely on the Abbey website.
And I don't mean CSAS. External means not only external to the  Abbey but also extrernal to the catholic Church. If the CSAS approach was going to be sufficient, all the Abbey's problems would have disappeared long ago.

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  1. CSAS can be no part of any solution to St Benedict's. So alternatives are required. Suggestions?