Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pearce and Maestri Trial - the verdict

On day 6 of the trial the jury acquitted both Pearce and Maestri. I've been busy with work since then, and so am a bit behind on getting the other days' reports out. I'll finish them as soon as I can.


  1. East of Ealing25 July 2011 at 22:46

    Thank you for podtingh bthese reports.

    Whatever the truth is here I can't help thinking that bringing the criminal charges was a waste of police and court time and money. The two defendants will in any case never again be allowed to work near young people. It looks like a case of

    Legal Profession 1 - The Rest nil

  2. The trial revealed perspectives from one of the defendants on the activities of a monk in the school, and these perspectives fit with the picture that has built up generally. Here are more pieces added to the jigsaw that is gradually building up, getting more and more complete.

  3. I am a bit disappointed that nothing has been posted on the latest events. Mr West, are you on holiday?

  4. Yes, I have been on holiday. I will provide further updates as soon as possible.

  5. Following the last four posts there I have commented on the priest blog you have returned to.

    On each I have pointed out his remark in June that said the "webmaster" would deal with the absence of safeguarding guidlines on the church webpage.

    I have politely submitted a possible template. My comments have not appeared.They have been ignored.

    I am glad to spot your return as you are blessed with a hearing.

  6. I sat in Isleworth Crown Court for the four days of the R. v Pearce and R. v Maestri and heard almost all the evidence that Jury heard apart from the Closing speeches.

    Whilst I respect the decision by the Jury I must say I find the verdict of "Not guilty" somewhat surprising.

    I wonder whether the CPS could have dome more to prepare the Prosecution?

    I was amazed to discover the John Maestri had been a Catholic priest. I wonder which Diocese he had served in. Why did St Benedict's employ him?

    Bryan Dunne
    OP 1990

  7. I share Bryan Dunne's opinion. The CPS were there in body but once again were poorly prepared for a long tail child sexual abuse case, which it generally loathes. This is the CPS default which explains why there is a conviction rate in such cases of circa two percent.

    This case was conducted in a shambolic fashion, and quite staggeringly no chronology appeared to have been produced by the prosecution. You cannot prosecute a case without a one - but this particular prosecutor seemed determined to disprove the rule, and failed. I am convinced key evidence provided by one witness would have been shown to be false had a chronology existed. It was highly prejudicial to the complainant. You just cannot conduct any form of abuse case without one!

    With this failure to secure a conviction, in common with so many cases that have gone before, the CPS further convince themselves that these cases should not go to court which discourages the police from investigating them in the first place.

    The corollary to this is that as a result of these circumstances the risk/reward ratio for perpetrators improves with each prosecution failure, in other words – perpetrators have even less cause for concern that they will see the inside of a court. Add to this a lax institutional setting which does not have safeguarding running in its blood; does not report known abuse to the authorities and certainly not to the Independent Safeguarding Authority because the setting is more concerned with the welfare of the alleged perpetrators than the victims of the alleged crime and much more concerned about reputation on which its income is dependent; and a sign is automatically put over the school gates specifically to attract perpetrators “Welcome to Nirvana.”

  8. I no this is not relevant but have to share the good news Mrs Gumley Mason is leaving lets hope the creep of her husband is going with her.

  9. Can anyone confirm the rumour that Mrs GM is leaving St.Augustine's?

  10. my brothers attended St Benedict's. they were not abused but were aware that they would not be alone with certain teachers, especially "gav dave"

  11. What happened to the further updates promised jonathan?

  12. I haven't forgotten them. I'm currently making inquiries on certain matters related to the trial. Once I've completed that, I will go back and finish the trial reports.