Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Visitation - the church's description

The following statement has appeared on the Diocese of Westminster website.
An Apostolic Visitation is a meeting with the superiors and members of a religious community. It provides an opportunity to examine community and religious life. An Apostolic Visitation to the Benedictine Community at Ealing Abbey has been conducted by Dom Richard Yeo OSB and Bishop John Arnold  who visited and met with the community in September 2011. The effective safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is a priority for the Catholic church and Ealing Abbey’s safeguarding policies and procedures formed part of the remit of the Apostolic Visitation.
The last sentence is a flat contradiction of what Bishop John Arnold told me in his email. Or perhaps it was just a lie by omission - they reviewed Ealing Abbey's procedures but not those of St. Benedict's School.


  1. Having corresponded with Mr Cleugh and Abbot Shiperlee as long ago as 2006 and more recently with Lord Carlile and Bishop Arnold, as someone who took years to recover from what happened to me at the school in the 1970s, I can only say this blog article vindicates my utter lack of faith in the motives of any of these men and the organisations they represent.

  2. Yup - I relate to your statement because I was serially abused at another school and had to deal with people who shared the same epic lack of humanity and moral fibre as the people you have mentioned.