Thursday, 10 December 2015

Allott and St. Benedict's

Let's just get a few things clear. I realise that the latest news about Peter Allott has shocked and upset a lot of people. I realise a lot of people are thinking that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place.

Allott is charged with "making" and possessing child abuse images and possessing extreme porn. Within the meaning of the law "making" child abuse images includes downloading them from the internet. Where he allegedly got the images from is not known publicly at this time.

Allott will go through the court process. I'll report anything in the press that becomes available on what he has been charged with and when he will appear in court. While that process is ongoing, I will not speculate on what he may or may not have done, and I will not publish any comments that speculate.

There's no evidence I know of that St. Benedict's could or should have detected anything Allott has allegedly done. If evidence of wrongdoing or negligence by the school comes to light, then I will have no hesitation in saying so. But I'm not going to condemn the school in the absence of evidence. I have no doubt that all sorts of agencies are going to be investigating, and I intend letting them do their work.

It's inevitable that there's also going to be a certain amount of chatter on this topic on social media such as Twitter. I'm going to be just as careful on Twitter as I'm being here.


  1. Well said. At this early stage it is a little early for "blame" and St Benedict's as a whole is loved by many current and ex pupils who received a very good education without any unsavoury incidents other and had excellent teachers. Mr Allott, strangely enough, was an enthusiast teacher of politics and very well liked by those who took his classes. He made politics exciting and I was sorry when my daughter did not choose Politics for one of her A Level subjects as I thought it would have been a fun and interesting subject with him.

  2. Old Priorian 196114 December 2015 at 10:47

    I agree. I received a great education from St Benedict's - in hindsight perhaps I should have made more effort. However, I will be eternally grateful to the monks and lay staff for the values instilled in me during my time at the school.

  3. A former Benedictine monk is facing extradition from Australia over allegations of child abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey School in Scotland.

  4. Any news about Allott's hearing at Blackfriar's Crown Court this morning?

    Did he get bail or will he be spending Xmas in chokey?

  5. Remanded in custody back in court for March

    "A judge at Blackfriars Crown Court on Wednesday ordered the 36-year-old to return to the court on March 24 to enter a plea. If he denies the charges, he will then face trial on May 9."

    Ok so he is on remand in Prison with all the benefits of a remand prisoner (Google it) he has already resigned his post which implies he is guilty (if not why do it?) so why does he set a trial date....Cushy life inside, after all any time spent on remand will be deducted of his Tariff...typical of a coward, this man will plead Guilty in March sentenced in April and probably walk away from the court after serving 50% of the this space

    1. St Benedict's - Teaching a way of living.

  6. The hearing you refer to was a Preliminary Hearing at which a plea is not taken. 24 March will be a Plea and Case Management Hearing which is the first opportunity he will have to enter pleas to each count on the indictment.

  7. What occurred at this school over a period of many years is indefensible. Whilst in cannot be said that every teacher was aware of the abuse they must fall into one of two categories. Those that knew and chose not to act or those that had some suspicion and chose not to act. The only other category is those that neither knew nor suspected and as a teacher with a duty of care this is not acceptable . Teachers who still work there now, who are part of the furniture and as guilty, implicitly, as the actual perpetrators.