Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pearce and Maestri update

Pearce and Maestri appeared again at West London Magistrates Court yesterday to answer bail. Their case was transferred to Isleworth Crown Court and they will appear on the morning of 31 January.


  1. Mr West, you are no longer doing your job and this blog is no longer what it purports to be. Whatever value it, or you, once may have had has clearly come to an end. Please do the honourable and sensible thing and close it down once and for all. Thank you.

  2. The above makes no sense unless people are aware just how many postings Mr West fails to put up. Postings that in no way jeopardise the David Pearce case but simply make points that Mr West would prefer not to air. This is all rather dishonest, one has to say.

  3. What does this blog purport to be 14.22?

  4. .
    Well 19.38 nothing new from you then As usual you think he is mad, bad, dangerous, and now dishonest - and you'd far rather he got lost!

    And he should get lost because?

    I know - because absolutely nothing is wrong......err?!

    Because they can be trusted to put it right....err?!

    Because they will make any new safeguaridng policy work....err?! (they can't even write one that accords with guidelines issued by the Ealing SCB never mind make it work)

    Because they will ensure the safeguarding policy becomes part of the blood of the school .........errr?!

    Hasn't all this happened and failed a number of times under Super Abbot?

    And where is Rossiter in all this? Silent it seems, but perhaps he is operating Super Abbot just as Lord Charles needed an operator.

    They are not trusted, not by anyone, including the educational establishment.

  5. Jonathan

    Carry on. I cannot begin to understand the creepy mentality of people who disagree with running this blog. St benedicts has had decades of covering up. You have the courage and the generosity of time to uncover.

    Keep going !

  6. Anonymous @ 14:32, rather than complaining about this blog, why don't you set up your own?

    You could call it "End the persecution of harmless clerical sodomites and paedophiles at Ealing Abbey".

    Best of luck.

  7. A report today from Barnardo's tells of a massive problem. Child abuse in this country is widespread, organised and apparently, at this level at least, growing, with the average age of the children ever decreasing. Beyond this horrific abused of children that Barnardo's is rightly highlighting there are probably thousands of more children being abused in less ‘sophisticated’ ways, in ordinary domestic circumstances.
    This huge demographic has been, sadly, caricatured by Mr West. He insists that every form and level of abuse dealt with by Barnardo's is mirrored at Ealing Abbey and its school. He has, in his view, miraculously discovered the entire quart in a pint pot. This, frankly, is dishonest nonsense - an abuse of the facts in every sense and an insult, among other things, to the children concerned. It is this distortion, this rather stupid and unnecessary deception which, I believe, his critics are attacking.

  8. Tha Barnardo's report is not news. Where children are abused is frankly not the point, it is whether they are or are not abused.

    The events at St Benedict's contribute to the quantum of abuse that is cited in the Barnardos report.

    The report does not say that abuse is growing, merely that the use of the net to groom children is growing.

    What has changed and still needs more change is an understanding of the extent to which this is an epidemic in this country.

    EXTRACT from Sunday Times Article 25th October 2009 CHILD ABUSE – "The camera doesn’t lie." Home Office figures for 2007-8 show that 40% of recorded sexual offences in the UK in that period were against children under 18: a quarter were under 10. In more than 800 cases, the victim was under four. And Ministry of Justice statistics reveal that in 2007, 1,178 people were found guilty of sexual offences against children.” (conviction rates are only 2% which sadly offers perpetrators an excellent risk/reward ratio)

    I consider it is a matter of great concern that 40% of all reported sexual offences are against children who account for only 27% of the population.

    Increase in Notifications under the Education Acts - these are the statutory documents you recall, that St Benedict's failed to return to the DfE following all incidents of abuse that have now been 'discovered' at the school:

    2001 1,007
    2003 1,147 +12%
    2004 1,362 +26%
    2005 2,092 +53%
    2006 2,784 +33%
    2007 4,265 +53%
    2008 8,728 +104%

    What we are seeing is not necessarily an increase in abuse but the extent to which abuse in education has been under reported, combined with more schools becoming safeguarding aware.

    As for the nonsense 09.04 spouts, he provides no evidence to support his claims, no links to examples - its just the usual exercise in self serving whataboutery.

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    Child Sexual Abuse visits the Benedictine's yet again.

    Is Avon and Somerset police going to speak to the police investigation St Benedict's? I hope so.

    Given the extraordinary prevalence of abuse in Benedictine settings (see Wiki and still this does not feature them all there seems to exist a well established paedophile network.

  10. The increasing numbers of notifications may indicate that notification itself is being taken seriously by head-masters and mistresses. This may be viewed as positive progress in the interests of child protection. Grimersta, any news from DfE on this?

  11. I agree 22.32. It has been the Labour Governments work and awareness campaign that has achieved the increased returns.

    Sadly though, the numbers do not mean that the incidents that prompted these returns were reported to the LADO or the police. Many child/ren are likely to have gone unassessed for the incidents on which many of these Notifications were returned. That is the insanity of the system that the DfE created.

    There is no statutory obligation to report abuse to the police or social services or the LADO - but there is an obligation to return a piece of paper so the alleged perpetrator can be tracked.

    This ‘return’ now goes to the ISA. But neither the ISA nor its predecessors (the DfE) take or have ever taken any further action even if the Notification clearly indicates criminal behaviour but despite this is still unaccompanied by a police report.

    The ISA sits on its hands and is powerless.

    Safeguarding 2011 - and it is worsening under the Coalition Government.

  12. As a survivor( not a term I use lightly), of St Benedicts. I find the attacks on mr west and people like myself cowardly. I am not ashamed St Benedicts will not buy my silence. I am legally bound to keep my mouth shut at the moment.
    Lord Carlile should be ashamed of himself, actually making a tidy 10 000 a day obstructing justice. I declare him morally bankrupt.
    In fact he's not that great at his other job, get him a new nursemaid before he drowns in a sea of his own drivel. I have no problem saying this to him face to face. In fact if he were ever any sort of gentleman he should be making in roads to have duelling legalised. Maybe then at least one survivor may gain some satisfaction.
    The dead among us will not be forgoten and there are rather a few. It does'nt sound like abit of inoccent tampering anymore does it. The abbey has blood on its hands as well as depravity. They have an army of thugs working there why? and why do the thugs hide their id badges and what gives them the right to threaten my life. and me an old boy as well, bad form.