Tuesday, 3 May 2011

An appeal

Earlier today, somebody anonymously posted a comment on the Where was the report? article, starting with the words "Easter has passed".

I'm very interested in the contents of the comment, but would need to get some more information before I felt able to publish it in full.

So this is an appeal to the author of that comment. Could you please contact me privately by email at jonathanwest22@googlemail.com. I will keep the correspondence and your identity strictly confidential.


  1. The meltdown might be about to start.

    It is only a matter of time.

  2. I hope you are correct and the truth is exposed, along with all the wrong doings that have taken place.

  3. And we're not just talking about the manipulation of Parents, the local media and GCSE results!!

  4. The school is a disgrace and needs to be fully exposed for all its wrong doings.

  5. If you are aware of wrongdoings which have not yet come to light publicly, then I ask that you let me know about them by email, so that I can check for the truth of any statements along these lines.

    I'm not prepared to publish unsupported anonymous comments alleging specific wrongdoings. So if anything along these lines is to be published, then I have to be reasonably sure it is true. That means I need to see some evidence.

    If you decide to contact me with evidence, let me assure you that I am careful about keeping sources confidential.

  6. It means little - but I can attest that West is drum tight.

  7. Dear Parents, Governors, Teachers and Girls,

    I entirely understand Mr West's caution in not publishing my earlier comment, which dealt with Mrs Gumley-Mason's appointment to the post of Headmistress, and also a number of other concerns relating to the nuns, in particular Reverend Mother Mary Gabriel.

    Mr West, do be assured that all of the information contained in my comment was correct. However, I have no objection to you publishing only the parts of the comment which you feel able to do without fear of consequence. For the moment I prefer to remain anonymous.

    I do know almost all there is to know. As you will have seen I was correct that much more was to come out over the Easter break.

    And it has.

    There is still much to know. And truth to replace lies. Nevertheless I shall proceed with caution. There is no hurry.

    I offered, in my unpublished comment, to answer so far as I am able any questions any of you many, many readers may have. And if I am able to answer I shall.

    There is much more to know and much darker truths to come forth, shamefaced, from hitherto dank, concealed recesses.

    I shall post again tomorrow in response to any questions you may wish to ask.

  8. Four great gates hath the city of Damascus,
    Postern of Fate, The Desert Gate,
    Disaster's Cavern and The Fort of Fear.
    Pass not beneath O caravan,
    for hast thou heard
    that silence, where the birds are dead,
    yet something pipeth like a bird?

    Do you understand this reference? It will become clear only if you do.

  9. I urge 19.40 to contact West. No matter what questions are asked, your answers may not be able to be published. So your well intended request is of little use.

    You clearly want your information to be used. Contributors like you are potentially very important to this blog. Given that West is not a parent, and has no current association or connecton with the school, how do you think he has gathered so much intelligence on this setting? You have to speculate because he has not told you and neither I suspect will he.

    Let's not forget he has to be capable of proving all allegations made against the school on his site or he cannot publish or allow comments to be published without the risk of legal action being successfully launched against him by a woman who is addicted to the use of legal action even when it cannot be justified. Her legal action is paid for by a Trust, West has to pay his own way, the battle is far from equal.

    So please make contact with West particularly for the benefit of the pupils at that school. You will potentially make the exchange between this blog and St Augustine's more equal, and more productive if you decide to make contact because you trust will be rewarded.

  10. 20:14 - Is this meant to be a Christie reference?

    19:40 - I am most interested in issues regarding finances -- are you aware of financial mismanagement?

  11. Isn't GM's legal action paid for out of school fees? Thought that was part of the problem with the almost suppressed Inspection Report. Sure that this sage personage that knows all isn't herself holding out tantalising bits and pieces?

  12. Dear 21.54, Parents, Governors etc,

    Financial mismanagement is a concern. It depends what you mean by mismanagement and where the lines are drawn. Certainly fee income is spent on questionable projects and without any real control by the governors. I will write more about this over the coming weeks.

    I wish to follow up my comments about the nuns.

    They were good women who gave their lives to the school. Mother Mary Gabriel taught Frances and me mathematics. I was good at it. She had little time for those who were not.

    The nuns cared for the girls. For example for girls whose fathers abandoned them. It is not normal for a girl to burn herself with cigarettes and blame her mother just to seek attention, but even in those circumstances they were understanding.

    I shall post again on Wednesday. Please accept that, for the moment I Must remain anonymous.

  13. 11.42 - You would remain anonymous even if you spoke to West just as everyone else has done, and will do.

    Your decision not to communicate with West severely limits your effectiveness because he cannot permit unsubstantiated allegations to appear on this site.

    Unfortunately you will therefore be posting pretty watery material which might not achieve very much.

  14. Who are the registered owners of St.Augustine's?
    Who employed Mr Gumley Mason and in what professional capacity.
    What qualifications does Mrs Gumley Mason have to be a Head and to teach?
    What questionaable projects have been paid for out of our school fees?

  15. Why don't the governors have any control? That is what they are there for it seems she is not answerable to anyone, and can do as she pleases.

  16. 11.42
    This answers why the nuns were thrown out, they knew too much!

  17. 11:42
    Let me explain the issue from my point of view. I run this blog, and as the police have already pointed out to me, I am responsible for its content, including the content of anonymous comments, since it is me who decides whether comments are published or not.

    If somebody makes some serious allegation in a comment, something which if not true would be libellous, in that it would be unfairly damaging to the the target of the allegation, then I am responsible for that comment. Since you remain anonymous, I am solely responsible since you can't be identified.

    I have no intention of leaving myself open to accusations of libel. Therefore, when I publish something, I have to be sure of my facts. I have to be much surer than can be achieved by me taking the unsupported word of an anonymous commenter. I need evidence, preferably documentary evidence, so that anything I publish can be shown to be true.

    So, if you have the evidence or can tell me how to obtain the evidence, then please contact me by email. If I have evidence, then I can publish anything which the evidence shows to be true.

    You have my complete assurance that your identity will be protected. In the course of the last 2 years or so, a considerable number of people have contacted me in confidence concerning St. Benedict's School and St. Augustine's School. They have all been protected.

  18. 11:42: you obviously have very long ties with the school and also Frances, and so it is especially disturbing that you are upset by recent developments as well as what you have known over the years. What, in your opinion, do we most need to know?

  19. What is it that nobody seems to be "getting" here?

    19.08 forgive me - it is a waste of a question simply because the answer is unpublishable. Please read the strand.

    I am afraid 11.43 has become something of a distraction as a result of her "must" remaining anonymous.

    She can contribute almost nothing for the reasons stated by West - so spending more time and asking questions for which answers can never be published is pointless.

    Please let's move on, there is nothing to be gained in this present mode. There is only one option and it has been stated clearly here, and we hope she choses to take it.

  20. So - we wait, for GM's classmate to say WHAT?
    Unless she does as Mr West requested then it is all somewhat futile. I have asked several questions but they have not been printed, so 21:22 is quite right. Unfortunately 11:42 you do need to be more proactive if you are to engage in a meaningful contribution. Mr West has given his word that he will protect you and I have no doubt that the parents would applaud your courage.

  21. 16:13
    I do apologise for having to remove some comments, including yours. I hope you understand and accept the need for it.

  22. 11:42 Which Wednesday of which Month?

  23. 11:42 It seems that you remained anonymous to everyone EXCEPT FGM. ..........guess you succeeded and got the result YOU aimed for!

  24. 09.59
    what result was aimed for?

  25. 11:42 Knows the answer to that.

  26. Well i wish 11.42 would do as promised.

  27. The postings of 11:42 were NEVER for OUR benefit.

  28. Who is 11.42? Do you know?

  29. There is much speculation. Keep your ears open in the playground - you will be surprised!

  30. Surprised by what? Not all of us parents are able to be in the playground.

  31. Who said that it was a parent?

  32. 'Playground' talk can be heard in the Abbey too.

  33. Very intriguing can you enlighten us as to what the 'surprise will be'?

  34. WHO the surprise is.

  35. WHO is the surprise? Can you tell us?

  36. It appears that Mr West would be placed in a precarious position, as he is held ultimately responsible for people named on his site. I suggest if you are really interested in knowing who GM's school friend is that you do as suggested and listen to the 'playground' chat in the Abbey, or at either of the 2 schools.