Sunday, 22 May 2011

A new deputy head for St. Augustine's

It seems that the rumours of the departure of one of the deputy heads were true. The vacancy for the post has been advertised in the Times Education Supplement.


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    St Augustine's is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and .............

    Since when?

    .....expects all staff to share this commitment.

    Well most of the staff do, and I suspect the departing deputy also does - but faced with the denial at the top, which seems only to care about the 'reputation' of the school at the expense of child welfare and safeguarding, a replacement deputy is now required.

    The successful applicant will be subject to an enhanced CRB check along with other relevant pre-employment checks.

    But unlike so many previous CRB checks, will it be contemporaneous with the employment of the new deputy? or two years later which seems to be the default of this slapdash school.

    Disturbingly what the advertisement fails to mention is the need for the potential replacement to be able to withstand the bullying s/he will experience, and the influence the gardener has on the place. [No that is not a misprint - the GARDENER]

    And just to give the place the dusting of 'Sound of Music' spin for the preferred applicants - those who still miss mummy, suck their thumb, and are compliant -

    but also on encouraging independent thought and a sense of fun and compassion for others.


    Dear Applicants,
    It would be great if it was all true. But THE ADVERTISEMENT represents the imaginings of the deluded. Go find somewhere you have a chance of being happy.

  2. Mrs Gumley Mason, before you appoint a new deputy head please remember to carry out the CRB and List 99 checks.

    We don't want to see any more of your amateur approach to safeguarding.

  3. It is a real shame they are not advertising for a new Head and Gardner.

  4. It will be hard to replace the Deputy Head who is going, why is she going, anyone know?

  5. Jonathan I have been following your blog for 2 years, this is my first post on your blog.
    I notice there has been little or no news from St. Benedicts recently.
    As someone who was close to the monastic community I have been utterly shocked, but not altogether suprised at the events.
    I find the factual updates helpful, the opinion and hearsay is taken for what it is..

  6. I am still continuing to monitor the situation at St. Benedict's, and I will have more to post about it.

  7. 22.02 - it's pretty evident from previous comments on this blog why one of the deputy heads is going. Good luck to her. I hope she will feel more secure and more appreciated in her new teaching post. She will be a fantastic asset to St. Benedict's. It is a sad loss to girls and staff that this popular deputy head has felt that the only way forward for her was to get out of St. A's. The governors and trustees should hang their heads in shame, yet again, that they have not faced up to the problem at St.A's.

  8. Well, well, well. There's a job sailor-made for someone!
    Respect and loyalty and loyalty and respect and protocol and more respect.
    Me got water, me got sugar, me got cups but me got no coffee. Ahm close.

  9. What an uplifing site this is. So much care so much attention to problems and all in a spirit of helpful goodwill.

  10. And your solution is..

  11. So easy to be spiteful to well intentioned hard working parents, whos only crime was to trust Gumley-mason. I take it your job is secure. Feel really sorry for whoever takes over when they will have to work with the likes of you. Lets hope you extend that goodwill feeling to them, but I suspect that they had best watch their back - after all, you will be behind them...

  12. 16:42 We sign as 'anonymous' in order to protect our children - you, I suspect sign as 'anonymous' to protect your job. If you are so supportive of Gumley Mason, why not give your name? Could it be that you think she is on the way out and you don't want to appear publicly as supporting her? That way when she goes, you can pretend ....Oh the joy of working at St. Augustine's!

  13. Lets pray that she is on her way out.
    Far to many serious mistakes and cover ups have surly put her position in jeopardy.