Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Carlile Report

It was published today, and Mr Cleugh and Lord Carlile gave a press conference. There were a large number of papers and TV channels present. I suspect it's going to be on the news most channels this evening - BBC London, ITV London, Channel 4, Sky, BBC R4.

I'm too exhausted to write about it in detail for now.


  1. Tired from making sure that you were attracting press attention for yourself, Mr. West?

  2. It's available here:

    Some initial thoughts:

    It's broadly scathing about the school's (lack of) safeguarding policy and consistent failure to report offenders to the appropriate authorities, allowing them to reoffend.

    It names Dom Anthony Gee - this is a new one. I find this surprising, and note that the outcome (if any) is either nfa by the police or "not known".

    It confirms that the recent charge against Dom Gregory Chillman concerned 2 female pupils (presumably at St Augustine's).

    It actually states that this blog has been "most helpful" in directing people his way. I certainly wasn't expecting that!

  3. Well done Jonathan, great work.


    Well done Jonathan, I've been following your campaign for over a year now. As someone who had his life overshadowed by my time at St Benedict's for many years - not through abuse but through the widespread bullying and hypocrisy which came directly from the personalities of those bastards Chillman, Pearce and Soper - I'm grateful to you for giving me satisfaction if not closure. If there is a hell I know they are bound for it.

  5. BBC online misquotes from Lord Carlile's report:
    "It added: "In a school where there has been abuse, mostly - but not exclusively - as a result of the activities of the monastic community, any semblance of a conflict of interest, of lack of independent scrutiny, must be removed"."
    In fact, Lord Carlile's report (No. 26) has:
    "... as a result of the activities of members of the monastic community ...".

  6. Same mistake, viz. "of members" omitted, made in today's article in the Guardian entitled, "Fugitive Catholic priest urged to turn himself in".

  7. Congratulations! Well done, Jonathan!